Kathie Fleming Cox

Profile Updated: August 22, 2012
Residing In: Topeka, KS USA
Spouse/Partner: Richard Cox
Children and Grandchildren: Heather 8/7/68
Occupation: Retired
E-mail Address:


How did you spend your "working" years, including volunteer work?

Spent many years in the Medical field & finished as a liscensed Private Investigater.
Retired at 62 because of health issues.

What are your hobbies, pastimes, causes, leisure activities?

Still loves music & singing

School Memories:

Exploring the tunnels under the school
Being in Thespians


A group of us went to an auction to bid on things for our "green room" to use during our plays & got separated and "bid" the price of an old trunk up because we got separated & were biding against each other.